As I await delivery of my second batch of The Ordinary skincare, it only makes sense to briefly talk about the products I ordered in my first batch. My initial review of them can be found here where I talk a bit more indepth about the products themselves and the science behind them. This follow-up will be more me talking about how I personally got on with them these past 4 months, any improvements they made, and where I used them in my routine. Let’s jump right into it.

My skin type/concerns: Dry, dehydrated, sensitivity, redness, occasional mild breakouts, fine lines around eyes, deep laugh lines. 

Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5, 30ml, £5.90
This is something I don’t think I’m ever going to stop purchasing. It has been fantastic for my skin, which feels much more moisturised with this on. It has a lovely, cooling effect and is just slightly sticky, but not in that icky, gross way. It has pretty much become a staple in my skincare, which makes it difficult when Victoria Health are sold out of it! I see many people say hyaluronic acid dries them out. It will only dry you out if you don’t seal it in with a moisturiser or oil afterwards. Hyaluronic acid is water-based, which means that if you have dry skin, (aka skin that can’t hold moisture), of course it will evaporate right off! I use it as the first step after cleansing/toning in the morning, then follow with other serums/oils before a thick moisturiser and sunscreen.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, 30ml, £9
Another one that I don’t think I’m going to stop purchasing. I didn’t believe in using oils as part of skincare until I discovered this. I ran out of mine and out of desperation, used almond oil, only to wake up the next day with a few tiny spots here and there. Which reaffirmed my love for Rose Hip Seed Oil. Unlike other oils, this absorbs beautifully, is moisturising, evens out my skin tone, helps the redness/rosacea around my nose, makes my skin feel firmer, without breaking me out AT ALL. Usually if I break out, it’s because of the combo that I’ve used this with, or my lack of cleansing. I use it every night after cleansing as the last step, and put a generous amount on. Dream combo: using it with the 2% Retinoid, or using it directly after my Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser.

Advanced Retinoid 2%, 30ml, £8
This was the ‘wild card’ as I wasn’t sure if I even needed retinoid, being in my early 20s. But I’m glad I did buy it. I use this maximum of 3 times a week and no more. As mentioned above, I always try to use it with my Rose Hip Seed Oil, and at night only. The next day, I always make sure I use sunscreen (La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPFs are amazing). So far, I still have half bottle left; little goes a long way.

The effect: I’d say this has been a game-changer, but really, using these products in combination, with them working with each other has been game-changing in itself. But what this retinoid has done, is really, really, boost my skin in every way. This and the oil, have been the key to making my skin glow, be less dry, more radiant, and more importantly, PLUMP. It also works wonder on my laugh lines around my mouth as the next day I notice they’re not as deep set and same with the lines around my eyes. Don’t get me wrong – they are still there. But less so. Only downside is that if you suffer from redness and rosacea, this might not be your best friend. I notice my nose is redder the next day. It could be the cold also, and I guess if yours is mild like mine and you’re happy to disguise it with makeup, go ahead. But if you have bad rosacea, maybe ask your doctor first..

Since using The Ordinary, I can feel that my skin is in a better place. It looks plumper, clearer, healthier, less dehydrated and more self-sustaining thanks to these products. It actually glows, instead of looking dull and dry. This is not to say that I’ve magically achieved flawless skin, because let’s be real, flawless skin doesn’t exist, and anyone who tells you it does is lying to you. There will always be hormones, diet, weather, body changes and other factors that you can’t control. Hormones especially, play a huge part in your skin, and managing them through exercise or medication, along with accepting them and the impact they have on you is the best you can do.

Will be doing separate reviews of the products in the next batch (Azelaic Acid Suspension, Buffet, Primer, Squaline, Argireline Solution 10%) so subscribe via email or follow my blog to receive updates as soon as they go up. Or follow me on Instagram here.

Have you tried any of The Ordinary products? What did you think?

What product would you like me to review from the next batch first? 

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