So pleased to say that two of my poems have been published in this anthology. The essays, short stories, and poems in here are fantastic and I’m indeed in great company. Buy a copy here and support the network as all profits will be used to support A Room of Our Own: A Feminist Network. The platform was created to share women’s writing, art, experiences, musings and creativity in a safe space, which, with things like internet bullying, trolling and rape culture to name a few, is hugely important. Amplifying women’s voices and the confidence to express themselves can make a huge difference in their lives and psychology, not to mention the allies and support gained through such a network. Personally, in my life, I have always relied on female friendships and writing and creativity to get me through some of the toughest times and it’s a blessing I would want for everyone, regardless of gender.

The network is also the epitome of intersectional feminism and they also have ties with EVB Press (Everyday Victim Blaming), who have published the book.

EVB is a trainingconsultancy and campaigning organisation. [They] provide a safe, supportive, anonymous and non-judgemental space for those who have experienced domestic and sexual violence and abuse to share their experiences in confidence.”

Both of these networks essentially say the same thing:

You matter. Your experience matters. Your voice matters. What happens to you matters. 

Below is one of the poems that was published in the anthology. It was written about a year or so ago as ‘advice’ I forgot to follow but someone thought it was good enough to print in a book so you lose some, you win some, eh.used-goods

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