So I vowed to not blog about beauty products unless absolutely necessary and this is definitely that necessary moment. But for those of you who follow me for bookish things, ya’ll can skip this one and come back in a couple of weeks, which is when I have my next bookish post scheduled (I have a few that I want to talk about over the course of the next few months!).

Firstly, I made a brief post about this on my Instagram. I’ll be building up and adding to that so this isn’t a copy & paste repetition.

The Ordinary are a range of products that have been shaking up the beauty industry with their affordable prices for high quality products. The company who has made them, Deciem, are quite reputable. It’s quite rare I buy something that’s ‘the next big thing’ but I was in dire need of some more hyaluronic acid and really didn’t want to pay for the Indeed Labs one that I currently use (I know, I know).

While it’s tempting to buy everything and follow every routine that you see others doing, I like to keep mine fairly simple, so I stuck to the ‘safest’ and most ‘familiar’ products when buying this range. I also did a lot of research and waited a few weeks. What pushed the final button was this video by Fighting Fifty. Again, their way of explaining the brand was a no nonsense approach, similar to Wayne Goss’, which convinced me.

Now, despite the clinical/pharmaceutical look, these products are amazing. In fact, I love the pharmaceutical look. It lets me know I’m using something REAL not hidden behind fancy packaging and unnecessary ingredients. It actually feels much more authentic and healthy for the skin, and makes me really think about what I’m using, in what order and what routine. It has been about a week now and I’ve been going easy. Firstly, rose hip seed oil is meant to provide all the benefits of a natural essential oil and more. It also contains vitamin A, which helps with skin discolouration, lines and whatnot. What I love about it though is how wonderfully it absorbs into the skin without feeling heavy or oily. The only other natural oil I get on with on my face is almond, and even that I have to use with something water based like an aloe vera gel for it to feel not too heavy. I have a serious case of pores that get clogged too easily. But this rose hip seed oil is so, so lightweight and you only need one or two drops. I firmly believe there is an essential oil for everyone out there, because while they’re all really good, not everyone gets on with the same one. I’ve had my eye on buying one for a while, but I didn’t want to spend around £16 for one from Holland and Barrett. This one is only £9. For you girls/guys who also suffer from razor burns and marks and scarring on your legs like I do, I can already see a small improvement in that area too. Eep!

Similarly, the Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 is arguably better than the one from Indeed Labs. My skin feels way more moisturised with it on. Incase you don’t know, hyaluronic acid is something your body already has, but overtime declines in. What it does it help your skin hold moisture, “one gram (.03 ounces) of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to six liters (1 quart) of water” (Paula’s Choice). Now that is a heck of a lot. It helps your skin by plumping, firming and hydrating it. As someone who really suffers from dry skin, this is a God send. I’ve really seen an improvement with the smoothness of my skin since using it. For £5.80, I realise I probably should have bought 5 bottles.

I bought these products from Victoria Health, and they delivered the next day even with standard delivery. Before you go running off to buy them, do think about where they fit in your routine, whether you understand what each of them do, and start gentle and build up. It’s very easy to be swept off by the hype and damage your skin by going overboard. I’m happy to explain anything else that I can, so feel free to ask!

So lightweight and fluid!

I’ve only just started using the retinoid the past two days. I didn’t want to introduce new things to my skin all in one go. It might be early days, but so far I’ve had no reaction, no tingling, nothing. Even though you’re meant to start with 0.5% of retinol as a first, because the 2% retinoid is buffered, it doesn’t cause irritation (from what I’ve read). I also have some hyperpigmentation on my arm, called blaschko’s lines, (my very own constellation as I like to call it, because it looks kinda pretty) that I might also try it on just a little bit to see if it helps. But like I said, before I bought it, I made sure I knew this, and I made sure I researched and understood what retinoid does and the difference between retinol and retinoid. (I would explain it but you can easily Google it).

Since using these products, my dry skin is more moisturised, less congested, a lot calmer, smoother, and even in tone! Thank you, Deciem, for calling out all these overpriced beauty products that half the time, do f**k all, and making skincare easier and more understandable for us nerds and everyday girls! If you want more, here’s an interview with Brandon, the creator from Caroline Hirons.

There’s also this regimen guide to help you further.

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