Incase you missed it on my Twitter, I’m going to be an Artist in Residence for Wales Arts Review next year!

As one of the selected artists, I’ll be using the platform to respond to issues through my chosen medium, which is creative writing (flash fiction, poetry, prose, or more conversational pieces). I’ll be producing new pieces, while also having my other work ‘promoted’  as a writer.

I’m pretty thrilled, honoured and excited about it, especially as I almost didn’t apply, thinking I didn’t have enough experience or anything interesting to offer as a young/new writer, until I had a ‘eureka!’ moment close to the deadline.

I’m really looking forward to this residency, but I also want it to not just for me but for others to take something away from it, too. I want to use it to highlight issues and topics relevant to the times that we live in now. It’s my first time doing something like this, and I’m actually quite nervous too, because I want to make the most of it and deliver. Especially when looking at the very impressive list of artists that I have been chosen alongside with. But I have full faith from my pervious experience of working with WAR that the editors will provide great guidance on this. To me, it’s almost like a creative research project to hone and put together. If you have any tips on how to make the most of residencies or your previous experiences of them, do share them!

While I’m at it, Wales Arts Review is a platform I’d encourage all new (or even not new) writers to get involved with, be it through book/movie/theatre reviews or opinion pieces. It was something I did straight after university and it is quite invaluable. 

img_20161004_133149My second bit of news is that I’ve had a piece of flash fiction published in Skylark Review, who are a local Cardiff magazine, under the branch of Little Lantern Press. The issue is available to purchase online now and I think there will be a launch for it at some point… Will keep you posted! But as a supporter of local/indie zines myself, I command you to go buy a copy.

Finally, there will be a couple of posts coming up in October about some important books I’ve been reading, so watch out for those or subscribe to get updates as and when. I’m a bit out of practise with book reviews at the moment and I keep avoiding them, but one of these days I need to sit down and do it.

Feel free to comment below and link me to your writerly news that you want me to shout about, read, or celebrate. I feel like there’s a lot going on locally in Cardiff right now, but heck, I don’t care if you’re across the world. I’m trying to do more ‘blog/website hopping’ just so I can connect with other artists and bloggers and their work amongst all the noise of Twitter/social media. So give me something to thumbs up about, be it your blog posts, book reviews or cats. Especially cats.

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