I’ve been so quiet on here because (a) I started a new job (b) A crap load of exciting life things happened like graduating (c) I reached out to Wales Arts Review about working with them and writing book reviews and they let me! So below is a link to the book review that I did with them. Go check it out.

Book Review| Infinity by Kiára Árgenta

I have a few more blog posts planned and I’m now thinking of whether to PhD or not to PhD (or proposal at least), as well as looking for the next book to review. Juggling things is stressing but oh so rewarding when it’s what you love to do. I also feel like I haven’t done much writing in the last month or so. Not done much critical reading or project planning or blogging except for a couple of book reviews and I’m kind of falling off the swing. So I think it’s time to start thinking of the next project now that I won’t have university deadlines to give me a kick up the back constantly.

Posted by:Durre

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