Bit late to the party, mainly because I was ill the first week on January (no, this shall not reflect my year in some superstitious way) and only logged onto my Goodreads the other day to add Ugly Ways by Tina McElroy Ansa to ‘read’ list when it instantly prompted me to set a reading goal for 2015. As someone who doesn’t quite set resolutions at the beginning of the year, I put in 50 books without giving it too much thought. I then nosed through my friends’ list and general list of people and their goals (as you do); those with 15 making me feel better and those with 100 making me feel ashamed. English student, book lover, and a wanna-be writer, reading 50 books? The horror. Sometime midway through last year I set myself a goal to read a book a week. I’m not sure if I reached it. And I’d like to read more, don’t get me wrong. But I’d also like to digest my books fully. Sometimes I drag a book on for weeks because it is helping me with my writing, or generally giving me good feelings that I want to prolong for as long as possible. Sometimes the book is itself quite long. Sometimes I skip a few days of reading.

I guess the point is that, while goals are healthy to make and push you to achieve whatever you want to achieve that year, or generally in your life, we should learn to be flexible with them too in order to avoid the pressure and endless guilt over having not done something. And I say this as someone who, as a student, constantly churned out much of their assignments nearest to deadline and therefore under pressure, and loved it. But the pressure of making resolutions at the beginning of the year has always been one I’ve never been able to get behind. Especially when it comes to reading, something which is actually meant to come with no pressure. Life is flexible, and for the foreseeable few minutes, still going. And so your goals and resolutions should be growing and being made throughout the year as opposed to the beginning of year. And for me, I’ve been pretty ready and trying to make changes in my life for quite a while now. So here’s to a continuation of that.

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