I’ve been having one of my quiet spells, mainly to give myself some time to grow. My blog entries had begun to feel quite forced and I realised that the reason I blogged so little is partly because I never felt sure about myself. While blogging is a very cathartic process, it is also a very vulnerable one at times. And blogging constantly about my own self/life had begun to feel too self indulgent/angsty teenager as of the past 6 months or so. The whole world does it, I know. And it’s all very current, sharing your life online and kudos to those who do because it requires something. But I want it to be about more than that. I have also been reading some pretty great articles about the pros and cons of blogging, and other pretty awesome blogs in general. These lead me to clean up the blog, draft the ‘journal’ posts that I wanted to keep for my own eyes, and blog about something else worthwhile. I could just not blog entirely, but I would miss having a voice.

The aforementioned articles are below, in no particular order (the ones that I remember and can find links to anyway):

– Litro Magazine: Blogging Towards a Publication – Even if you don’t want to be blogging towards a publication, the basics apply.

Blogging Your Passion: Why No One Cares About Your Blog – Nice and to the point.

Book Careers: Is Your Blog Killing Your Job Search? – They are definitely worth subscribing to.

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