You hear words but they’re all the wrong ones. People coming and going, doing, living. The words are a noise. A babble. I find no answers within them, no hope. Just the babble of people desperately trying to make their lives something more. There is stillness in the room. The sun sets slowly and everything stand still for it is the time to be. There is an ocean within me, I hear the waves lapping up against my bones, the thoughts swimming deeper than I can swim or see. I am alone at the edge of my ocean. I can hear the waves whoosh and sway, whoosh and sway. I turn my ears inwards to listen to the empty shells. Yet I can’t make sense of the ocean, of what it’s whispering to me. I feel too far yet not far enough to find the answers. Not far enough from other people’s babble.


Posted by:Durre

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